Product launch naXture Go //
19 August 2021 at 2 p.m. CET

45 minutes that will change the world of actuation

Experience how we set a new standard for advanced capabilities in efficient electrification of actuation with our patented naXture technology.

naXture Go product highlights

Maximum Efficiency

Up to 75 percent less energy required compared to current state of the art solutions – even in low mechanical power ranges

Robust & compact

Miniaturized design for smallest installation spaces in demanding industrial environments

Inspired by nature

Developed and built after the most advanced role model: the human muscle. Thereby unlocking unprecendented capabilites

We are MetisMotion

Actuating Innovations –
Following the Genius of Nature

After 20 years of research and development in specialty actuators – we are ready to set the latest technology standard for sustainable actuation systems.

MetisMotion is a spin-off from the Siemens Group located in Munich. Our naXture Go technology is based on decades of experience in the development of special actuators for industrial environments. Due to their modular design, our actuator systems can be adapted to the individual performance requirements of each customer – unlocking unprecedented skills in electrified high force actuation.

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Welcome to the future world
of actuation technology

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